Jonas Bille


I consider myself as a top achiever with something to say. I’m an army officer  and international basketball referee with a background in economics. I have worked extensively with corporate strategy and development, leadership and management, coaching and personnel development just to mention the highlights – and I take great pride in being able to combine many angles and factors before making the right decision.

Mottos and quotes

” If you are not actively developing in a positive direction, you are developing in a random direction – probably getting worse by the minute.”

“More style – less fuss!” (Actually semi borrowed – but it is soo fitting!)

Space we can recover, lost time never”  Napoleon


Apart from a burning desire to contribute to almost anything that comes by professionally… I take great pleasure in great wine, classy and modern design, keeping updated on strategy, leadership, politics and news in general, good food and fine dining, and last but not least Basketball.

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